Leaders who defected to YSRCP for selfish interests

Not just Anam Ramnarayan Reddy, from Amanchi Krishna Mohan to Thota Tirumurthulu everybody joined YSRCP for their vested interests. YSRCP leaders say this was not going to help the party in any way. Going into the details, the situation for YSRCP was different before the elections and after the elections. Before elections that is during last five years, the party was in opposition. Jagan came under criticism in different forms. Jagan was slammed not only by the ruling TDP but also by Pawan Kalyan.

At that time only few leaders stood by YSRCP. Roja, Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, Botsa Satyanarayana, Dharmana Prasad Rao and Vijay Sai Reddy. Only these leaders were in YSRCP. A few months before the elections, several TDP leaders defected to YSRCP as they had no chances in TDP and the party also lacked people’s support. Those who switched loyalties include Anam, Amanchi, Thota Narasimham and Vani. Still Jagan gave them importance. He even denied ticket of his party leaders to field the defectors and tried to ensure their victory in the elections.

However, such leaders immediately demanding recognition in YSRCP and expecting positions in government has now triggered a row. Anam was hoping cabinet berth. Since he did not get this, he is now targeting YSRCP. On the other hand Thota and Vani are looking to defect to another party. It is also a fact that some more are very unhappy. Amanchi joined YSRCP just before the elections but he lost the election. Now he is making hue and cry for nominated post. Did they make any effort to bring the party to power? Did they help the party strengthen during last five years? These questions are being discussed now. Senior leaders of YSRCP say that such leaders have no right to criticize the party.

At the same time there are hundreds of leaders who are in the party for a long time, saw Jagan’s difficulties from close quarters and stood by him. Only few of them were given the posts. They are also unhappy but not criticizing Jagan. They are adopting wait and watch approach. They hope that if there are opportunities Jagan will do justice to them. They are looking to strengthen the party. Senior leaders of YSRCP say that they are not like the defectors.

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