Lokesh determined to contest again from there

Good days appear to be ahead for former AP minister and Telugu Desam Party general secretary Nara Lokesh. He lost the first direct election he contested. As Amaravati was declared the state capital, he opted for Mangalagiri constituency to contest the polls. However, Nara Lokesh was blown away in YSRCP storm. As he suffered humiliating defeat, it was said that in the next elections he will have to choose another constituency.

After the defeat some leaders expressed the view that Penamuluru constituency will be ideal for him. However, in the changing situation it looks that Mangalagiri will suit him. With Chief Minister Jagan dividing capital Amaravati into three parts, people in Mangalagiri are furious. A. Ramakrishna Reddy, who currently represents this constituency, is not in a position to even answer people.

In this context, TDP believes that in the coming elections the party will capture Mangalagiri. It is being said that the situation is paving the way for Nara Lokesh to contest again and win from here. People of the region feel that if capital remains in Amaravati, Mangalagiri will develop at a rapid pace but if the capital is divided in three parts, the situation will return to normal. As Chandrababu is extending supporting to the capital farmers, it is expected that the situation in Mangalagiri will turn in favour of TDP.

Nare Lokesh is of the view that if elections are held now in Mangalagiri, people will vote against YSRCP. He is keen to contest again from Mangalagiri to silence his critics. That’s why he is spending most of his time in Mangalagiri. After Jagan announced three capital proposal in the Assembly, Nara Lokesh is said to have personally conducted a survey. As the survey turned out to be in favour of TDP, Nara Lokesh is determined to contest again from Mangalagiri. But the question is whether same situation will prevail in the elections to be held four years later.

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