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Ugadi means celebration, beginning of a new year, an occasion of enthusiasm and happiness. Yes, this is what happened in the case of Chandrababu’s son Nara Lokesh. Since his birth, he has seen many Ugadis. While it is not known if all the Ugadis have given him good results but he will never forget the Ugadi of 2017. It was on this day that he took oath as the minister. As a leader incharge of five departments, he made a beginning of the golden political career. Only two months before that day that is in March 2017 Lokesh was elected to the council. By getting him elected from MLAs quota, Babu crowned him.

As a young minister and CM’s son, Lokesh showed his power but after two years became former minister. On the occasion of Ugadi last year TDP’s pundits forecast that the year ahead will be good but Lokesh’s horoscope has turned the year gloomy. Not only TDP suffered humiliating defeat but Lokesh too lost the election with huge majority. As a result he remained only as a MLC. This year Ugadi is again falling on March 25. However, two months before Ugadi, YSRCP government passed a resolution in Assembly to abolish the legislative council. If the Centre moves it in Parliament and passes this, the doors of the council will close for forever. Parliament budget session is beginning in February. If the Centre wants, the council can be abolished in few minutes. People are making sarcastic comments that if this happens, by Ugadi Lokesh Babu will become former MLC.

There are still four years for general elections in AP. Going by the aggressive manner in which Jagan is moving, it looks that it will be all over for TDP. If Jagan, who pulled down 34 MLCs in just one stroke, plays with Lokesh’s political future, TDP’s future star will land in new confusion. Babu has no political friends in AP. It has also become clear that he has no support from the Centre either. On the other hand he is growing old and losing grip on the party. In this situation if Lokesh comes only as a party leader who will greet him and who will garland him. This is a tough time for Lokesh.

Jagan is hell bent to make sure that TDP does not have a base anywhere in AP. He is getting ready to lay foundation for this. The fact that to achieve this goal Jagan is even ready to lose the council where his party would have soon get the majority shows that Jagan wants to see the end of TDP at any cost. The point here is how many blows Jagan will deal to TDP in coming four-and-half years and whether Lokesh will be able to counter this. Jagan is among people. No matter how much he is criticized there is no other leader in AP who can reach close to him in terms of popularity. Lokesh thought of at least focusing as MLC but Jagan snatched the very post. That’s why the TDP leaders are gripped by the new fear that there will be no Ugadi for Chinna Babu this time and it will be all gloomy.

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