Major players in Andhra poll race picking up pace

Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh are due in another three months. Three major parties are making their best efforts to win the elections and come to power. They are saying that they will contest the polls on their own. No just this. All of them are confident that they will come to power. At the same time they are making all efforts to woo people. Ruling TDP, opposition YSRCP and Jana Sena are going all out to come to power. After concluding his long padyatra, Jagan made several promises to the people. He said if voted to power YSRCP will lend a helping hand to students, elderly people, widows, handicapped and all other sections of people.

For last one year, YSRCP has been taking to people ‘Navaratnalu’ schemes promised by Jagan. They reached out to people in every village through padyatra. The question is whether this can be underestimated? Coming to Jana Sena, the leaders are silent and it is not known what will be their strategy. Till recently Pawan was saying that they want power but now he is saying that principles are more important for them. He made certain announcement about election manifesto but so far he has not focussed on it. It is said that he will give chance to newcomers. How will he succeed in changing the current trend in elections? At a time when it is said that if you don’t have money you will not get votes, where will the newcomers get money from? Without looking into all this, Pawan appears to be only doing experimental politics.

Now coming to TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, he is moving ahead with a strategy and using his vast experience of 40 years to take steps in tune with the present trend. Before taking any step, he is carefully analyzing it to get the desired results. In this context, he is focusing on addressing the people’s problems in districts to win their support. Will the advertisements and speeches to project himself succeed? Even if we keep this question aside, Babu has gathered pace. It is said that he will soon announce candidates. All three are taking rapid steps but the winner will be only one. Let us see who succeeds.

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