Mandali Buddha Prasad gets rare honour

AP’s senior politician, former minister and former deputy speaker of residuary state, Mandali Buddha Prasad, was given a rarest honour by a US city. The city of Naperville, Illinois had declared that October 25, 2019 as Mandali Buddha Prasad Day. The city mayor, Steve Chirico, had issued orders dedicating the day in honour of Buddha Prasad.

A soft-spoken and a true Gandhian, Buddha Prasad, is known for the people of the Telugu States, as a man of language and literature. He had been working for the promotion of Telugu language and spreading Gandhian values.

A non-controversial politician, Buddha Prasad, has no enemies in politics. It is a rare quality that the politician of these days is loved by all, including the non-political circles. He is admired for his hard work in promoting Telugu language and being impartial in politics. Perhaps, he is seen as the politicians of the freedom movement and is compared with late Vavilala Gopalakrishnaiah.

Truly following in the footsteps of his late father, Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao, who is fondly called and remembered as Father of Diviseema, Buddha Prasad continues the legacy of his father in serving the region that he represents. His father had done a great service for Divi Seema, particularly when it was destroyed in the 1977 cyclone. The devastating cyclone from the Bay of Bengal had killed over 20,000 people and destroyed the normal life.

When the dead bodies were found all around, including on the electricity lines and trees, being a Minister in the Cabinet, Venkata Krishna Rao got into the work and collected bodies. He cleared the roads and provided water and food to the victims. Inspired by his initiative, several NGOs including the Red Cross Society, jumped into the service.

Buddha Prasad, a son of the soil, continues the spirit of public service in Divi Seema even now. Besides being a politician, Buddha Prasad is liked by many Telugu people from the two Telugu States and the Telugus across the globe. The honour conferred on him by Naperville is seen here as the honour conferred on every Telugu person across the world.

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