Megastar belongs to all or few?

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

For fans, mega star Chiranjeevi became a god long ago. God is not seen. That’s why every year the fans keep Chiranjeevi’s photograph to celebrate his birthday. Anybody can measure god in any way and can call him in any manner. God will be like what we visualize. We can call god whatever we want to call. One can boost himself by saying god is mine. This is what seems to be happening in the case of megastar, who is divine for the entire mega family.

Megastar made a film Andarivadu. This was before he entered politics. He gave this title to the movie to symbolically convey that he will stand for all. However, there are allegations that after launching Praja Rajyam he became a leader of few. As a result the shop was shut and the game was over. Now Chiranjeevi’s inning in Congress has also come to an end. Since he was in politics for few years, sometimes one gets to see that impression. That’s why there is this commotion. Chiranjeevi’s meeting with Jagan and his support to three capitals is something his brothers Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan could not digest. Still Nagababu says Chiranjeevi is ours and no party can own him.

There is a buzz in social media that YSRCP will give Rajya Sabha seat to megastar Chiranjeevi. This is not being said by YSRCP leaders or megastar. YSRCP as a party is not even taking this seriously. As a result people are taking this is the truth. Recently Nagababu shared his views with the media to deny these reports. He claimed that Chiranjeevi is supporter of only Jana Sena. He does not have a political life beyond this. He is confined to movies. He even warned that if somebody tries to show his intelligence to politically encash him, this will have serious consequences. Nagababu is speaking to give a message that even if YSRCP wants to give Rajya Sabha seat Chiranjeevi does not need it.

A family may have members with diverse political thinking and affiliated to different parties. As per the Constitution, Chiranjeevi has the right to freely express his opinion in support of three capitals. He also has a right to say which party he will join and whether he will do movies or not. If Nagababu says something as his brother, it’s fine but he spoke like a key Jana Sena leader. Moreover, he also claimed that they enjoy elder brother’s support. There is also a debate that Nagababu’s remarks violate megastar’s freedom of expression. In fact, if Chiranjeevi had spoken to Nagababu, he would have taken the same stand on three capitals. However, that day he released the statement on his own. As long as Chiranjeevi opens his mouth, the debate will continue on whether he belongs to all or to a few. All in all it can be said that the expression all rights reserved also applies to megastar.

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