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Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the established tradition by offering several benefits in the vote on account budget. He had initially planned to present a full budget breaking the tradition but dropped his plans and went for the vote on account budget. The tradition is that the party in power would not have any schemes to be declared in the last budget before going for the elections. It is for this reason, they go for the vote on account, which is limited to the regular running of the government and allocation of funds for the departments till the elections.

Now, in the vote on account budget too, the Modi government had come up with welfare programmes targeting the larger middle class sections and the farming sector. The welfare initiatives like increasing the Income Tax ceiling to Rs 5 lakh, offering Rs 6,000 per acre per year for the farmers having below 5 acres of land are the most popular schemes that the Modi government had offered in the budget.

The benefits offered ahead of the elections had come handy for the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders to claim themselves as middle class party and middle class leadership. The budget, while keeping aside the election , had improved the image of the Modi government. The graph raised its levels to the advantage of the Prime Minister and his leadership.

In fact, the budget had saved the Modi government from the fear of losing majority in the impending election. It was felt that the BJP and its NDA would have to depend on some other parties, including the federal front to form the government as it would fall short of the numbers. But, now with this budget, Modi government can sit relaxed as it is poised to win more seats or at least the enough number of seats to retain the power. However, this number would not be the same as it scored in the 2014 elections. This time, the BJP would have to bank on the NDA allies to form the government unlike in 2014.

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