Modi govt in a fix over Rafale deal

All is not well with the NDA government these days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisions have caused major ripples in the country during the last four years. It was the scrapping of the Planning Commission that shook the nation, though not connected to the common man directly. Planning Commission had been part of the nation’s economy for all these years. Though the government had replaced it with NITI Aayog, the administration is yet to be on the track.

The demonetisation had hit the lives of the common man in the country. People have been suffering as the government could not set the things on the track yet. The banks are running out of money and the ATMs remain empty even after two years.

Now, the purchase of the fighter aircrafts from France at higher price hits the government. Though the deal was initiated by the previous Congress-led UPA government, the way the NDA government handled it raises several questions. The Modi government had paid higher price than proposed initially. The other question is about the entry of Reliance Group into the deal by withdrawing the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) from the deal.

Reliance Aeronautics is a new company and had no experience in the field, while the public sector unit, HAL, had been there in the field for several years. Favouring the Reliance in this deal is a big question now that the NDA government, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to answer.

The case had now gone to the Supreme Court which had asked the government to table the deal file. There are facts that the Congress is exposing to the people and the BJP is in a fix over the deal. Interestingly, the Rafale aircrafts deal had overshadowed the infamous Bofors deal of the Congress. The deal is potential enough to alter the electoral prospects of the NDA and exposes the secret deals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Reliance group.

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