Modi, Rahul equally confident

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confident of his return to power in this election. “I am coming back” was what he had said at his press conference at the end of the campaign. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA would win around 300 Lok Sabha seats and form a comfortable government at the Centre. He saw people rallying for him across the country in this election. He also saw a complete rejection of the Congress by the people.

Narendra Modi, who addressed the press conference in Delhi along with party president Amit Shah, was assertive on his victory for a second term. The RSS and he VHP have done their best to keep Modi in power for another five years. Though the top leaders of the party, L K Advani, M M Joshi and others, were kept aside in this election and the image of Vajpayee was completely washed out, the saffron team is confident of Modi’s victory.

The BJP’s campaign was mostly on criticising the Gandhi (Nehru, Indira, Rajiv etc) family and nothing more. In fact, there was nothing for the BJP to claim as its contribution to the nation in the last five years, but for the treachery of demonetisation and the corruption involved in the purchase of Rafale fighter aircrafts.

On its part, the Congress had several issues in the campaign, all aimed at Narendra Modi’s last five years rule. The Rafale deal and the favouritism shown to the Reliance family formed the core issues of the Congress campaign. And there was a great promise of NYAY, the minimum assured income for every family and the loan waiver to the farmers were at the top of the Congress party’s campaign this time.

Rahul Gandhi, who also addressed a press conference, almost at the same time when Modi-Shah were addressing, saw no scope for Modi to retain in power. He further said that the regional parties in the country would not support Narendra Modi once again. He saw most of the regional parties, which are set to do better in the election, rallying against the BJP, particularly, Narendra Modi.

It is to be seen whose claims were taken well by the people when they cast their votes in all the seven phases.

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