Modi, Shah knew what Jagan is doing

There have been adverse letters from the Central government to Andhra Pradesh government on various issues during the last two months. The Energy Ministry of the Central government had opposed the State’s decision to review the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The energy secretary wrote a letter first and then the Minister against the PPAs review. There was some resistance to the State government’s move to go for reverse tendering on Polavaram Project. The Polavaram Project Authority and the Central Water Resources Ministry have written letters to the State against the reverse tendering. The Polavaram Project Authority is now reviewing the State government’s decision, which had already issued fresh tenders for the project.

There is hue and cry from the opposition parties and the contractors over the decisions of the new government. There is a lot more said and nailed on the decisions of the new government. The recent decision or talk about Amaravati capital too is criticised severely by the opposition parties. The new government had stopped the works on Amaravati capital city. It is not clear whether it would continue the project or would have some changes to it. There is uncertainty all over.

But, a key leader from the ruling YSR Congress, V Vijayasai Reddy, had made a surprise statement in Delhi on Wednesday stating that every decision of Jaganmohan Reddy government was taken duly after consulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. All the decisions have the approval and knowledge of the two top leaders and this dispelled the fears on Jaganmohan Reddy’s initiatives. If Jaganmohan Reddy has the clearance from Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, he is sure of getting his due support in all his actions and the State would get the benefit unlike in the past where Chandrababu Naidu could not deliver when he was with the BJP and later when he pulled out from the BJP. Being in alliance or not, Chandrababu Naidu could not bring much to the State in the last five years.

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