Modi’s blistering attack on Naidu’s seniority

While addressing a public meeting in Guntur on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi admitted the seniority claims by Telugu Desam Party supremo and chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. The TDP chief had been saying that he is senior to Modi in politics and still respected him. However, he alleged that Modi did not respect his seniority. “When I met US president Bill Clinton, I called him Mr. Clinton. But, when I met Modi, I called him sir despite being senior to him. But, Modi did not respect my seniority,” was the allegation that Chandrababu Naidu made several times since he launched fight against the Centre in May 2018.

Modi responded to this in his speech and said he accepts Chandrababu Naidu’s seniority. He said “Naidu is senior in changing alliances, stabbing in the back of his father-in-law (NTR), betraying people, misusing public money and amassing wealth. I admit his seniority in these factors,” Modi said sending peals of laughter among his Bharatiya Janata Party leaders seated with him on the dais.

The Prime Minister accused the TDP chief of spending sleepless nights for two reasons – the impending defeat for him in the next elections and his huge corruption which is noticed by the Chowkidar (the Prime Minister). He said that Chandrababu Naidu was taking money from the Central government but was not giving accounts to the Centre. When the Central government asked for accounts, the TDP chief had joined the Opposition parties breaking the alliance with the BJP.

The Prime Minister also alleged that Chandrababu Naidu had made huge money for his family in Amaravati and Polavaram Projects, which he said he would not be able to do. “I don’t take peoples’ money for my political advantages like Chandrababu Naidu is doing here,” Modi said. He further claimed that the BJP meeting in Guntur was organised with the contributions from the party workers and sympathisers while Chandrababu Naidu’s meetings are organised with the funds from the State government.

Narendra Modi also welcomed the TDP’s black day protest against his visit to the State as the black takes away the evil forces around him and send him back to power in the elections. “The TDP leaders want me Go Back. Yes, I am going back to PMO after the elections to stay for one more term,” Modi said and thanked the TDP leaders for removing the evil forces and obstacles for him ahead of the elections.

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