Naidu gears up party, administration for polls

Rolling out welfare measures one after the other to woo the voters, Telugu Desam Party supremo and chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is gearing up his party men and the officials for the next round of elections. As he takes the polls seriously to retain the power the TDP chief is leaving no stone unturned to prove his strength and strategies.

The chief minister had already positioned the officers in the key positions across the state to handle the voters for the next two to three months. The task of these officers is to keep telling people how the State government had implemented several welfare programmes in the last four and a half years and the need to continue the TDP in power to ensure that these welfare programes too continued. These officials were also asked to tell people on various developmental programmes of the State government and spread the fears of these programmes being derailed if TDP is not voted to power.

Chandrababu Naidu had handpicked the officials who are loyal to the TDP, some of them from his own caste. These officers are picked up from various government departments who are now made to work for the TDP. There are also police officers at sub-divisional level who are loyal to the TDP and belong to the chief minister’s caste, who have already started identifying important leaders from the Opposition party and silencing them ahead of the elections.

While continuing to have his say on the administration to keep it in his favour, the Chief Minister is also keen on rolling out the welfare schemes, particularly the increased pension and the advances of Rs 10,000 offered to the members of the self-help groups. The government had already started distributing the cheques to the women to pay Rs 10,000 in three instalments. These cheques are accompanied by distribution of new sarees and blouse pieces to every woman, while the pensioners are offered meal at the time of pension distribution.

The TDP chief, with 40 years of politics, is working all out to change the mood of the people in his favour as the elections are fast approaching and he has to go alone for the first time. It is to be seen what new strategies that the TDP chief would adopt as the days roll out.

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