Nani being used to woo TDP MLAs

Kodali Nani is currently the hot topic in AP politics. He is said to be the arrow Jagan is using to target a section of TDP MLAs. It is said that Kodali Nani’s efforts are behind the entry of TDP leaders into YSRCP. The AP politics is always hot. TDP leaders leaving the party one by one has left TDP chief Chandrababu squirmed but YSRCP leaders are rejoicing this۔

YSRCP is said to be eyeing the main social group in TDP۔ The ruling party is focussing on the MLAs belonging to Kamma caste of Chandrababu۔ In the recent elections 11 MLAs of Kamma caste were elected. Chandrababu is one among them. Since majority of the MLAs are from Kamma community, Babu is confident that they will not leave the party. However, YSRCP dealt a psychological blow by first targetting a MLA from the same group. He resigned TDP to announce his decision to join YSRCP.

TDP suspects that YSRCP is using Kodali Nani to woo Kamma MLAs. It is being said that YSRCP is focussing on cases pending against them and their businesses.

A senior TDP leader believes that since these MLAs are more into business, YSRCP is trying to use the weapon of discrimination against them. YSRCP is said to have already contacted some of them.

It is said that minister Kodali Nani once spoke to TDP MLAs belonging to Kamma community. TDP sources confirmed that Kodali Nani held preliminary talks with leaders like Gottipati Ravi Kumar, Karnam Balram, Yeluri Sambasiva Rao, Payyavula Kesav and Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary. Though they have not given any assurance, they learnt to have sought sometime. Speculation are rife in AP that by the budget session, some TDP MLAs will join YSRCP.

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