New re-alignment to hit Jagan

Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu believes that the new political re-alignment in AP will ultimately cause damage to Jagan. He is also telling this to his party leaders. Babu is said to be assuring them that they need not have any apprehensions about TDP facing problems due to Jana Sena-BJP alliance. Babu is explaining them that this new alliance was formed to target Jagan. Babu is of the view that if BJP has to strengthen itself in AP, the only way is to target Jagan and that’s why it is trying to turn social and political re-alignment in its favour.

TDP’s analysis is that with this new alliance, the Centre will completely distance itself from Jagan. For TDP, which believed that BJP was behind Jagan coming to power, the alliance between BJP and Jana Sena is said to have come as a big relief. Jagan has so far been friendly with the Centre but TDP leaders feel that this will not be the case now. They say that they will not be surprised if Jagan faces new problems from the Centre in the coming days. They say Jagan is already neck-deep in cases and he has to attend CBI court every Friday. They believe that the cases against Jagan may also be expedited.

TDP thinks that BJP will grow only if Jagan is targeted and his public reputation is damaged, otherwise the party will have no scope in AP. They hope that the days are not far when Jagan will land into troubles.

TDP strongly believes that the BJP forged this alliance to corner Jagan. TDP points out that Jagan enjoys people’s support but his party lacks strong cadres at the grass-root level. The TDP camp believes that once the public support and popularity is dented, the party will definitely collapse. TDP leaders hope that the BJP will do this task successfully. They also feel that the more Jagan plunges, the higher will be TDP’s rise. According to them TDP alone is in this position as no matter how strong BJP becomes in AP, there are no chances of it coming to power. All in all TDP intellectuals estimate that these developments will prove beneficial to the party.

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