New sand policy to come into force in AP

The State government is launching the new sand policy in the State from today. The government had kept over 150 sand reaches and 45 sand stock points across the 13 districts. The AP Mineral Development Corporation will be handling both mining and transportation besides maintaining the sand reach and the stock point.

The State government was under fire from the opposition and the construction workers as well due to the delay in launching the new sand policy. As soon as Jaganmohan Reddy assumed office as chief minister on May 30, he directed the officials to stop sand mining in the State. He had authorised the Thasildars to supply sand on demand from the limited sand reaches till the new policy was drafted. The new policy was now ready and is being launched today in Krishna district by Minister for Mining Peddreddy Ramachandra Reddy.

The ruling YSR Congress found that sand was one of the major financial resources of the Telugu Desam Party and in the last five years, the YSR Congress leaders have made hue and cry of the sand mining. Though the TDP government said that the sand was free, except the mining and transportation charges, the TDP leaders have made huge money out of it and it was never free too. The TDP leaders had their own price to be paid for the sand supply and it was thus leaders like Chintamaneni Prabhakar have made a fast buck.

Now, having blamed the previous government on the sand issues, the YSR Congress, particularly chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy is firm on giving no room for the political involvement in the sand issues. The sand booking is available online and the payments too can be made online. This would bring some money to the government, which went into the pockets of the ruling party leaders in the last five years.

However, it is to be seen how far the government would succeed in keeping politicians out of this sand mining, which fetches golden eggs for them.

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