Nimmagadda may be blamed in case of defeat

Ministers in Andhra Pradesh appear to have heaved a sigh of relief. Publicly they have been making serious statements but internally they are happy over the local body elections being postponed. In case they suffer defeat in elections they are readying to blame Nimmagadda for the same. It is already known that the local body elections in AP have been postponed for six weeks. State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar announced that the elections are being postponed due to coronavirus.

In fact immediately after Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar made the announcement, some of the YSRCP welcomed it. After learning about the leadership’s stand they kept quiet. Now even ministers too heaved a sigh of relief. Chief Minister Jagan had warned the ministers that their continuation in the cabinet will depend on the results in local body elections. He also warned them that he will have to personally go to Raj Bhavan.

This shows how serious Jagan is on the issue of local body elections. Victory can somehow be achieved in the rural areas. At several places ministers tried to ensure party’s unanimous election. By threatening or by cajoling, they ensured unanimous elections to some extent. The ministers faced no problems in MPTC, ZPTC elections. They know that whenever elections are held they can also ensure smooth election of ZP chairpersons.

However, the situation appears to be somewhat difficult in urban areas. Winning Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati and Ongole corporations and municipal elections is not that easy. They are confused as they don’t know what people feel about the government. Issues like change in the capital, scrapping of council, false cases and threats may have an impact in urban areas. As a result municipal election tension has gripped the ministers. In this situation they are privately in agreement with the decision of Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar to postpone the elections. Some ministers are said to be of the view that in case the results in municipal elections go against YSRCP, they can blame Nimmagadda. They feel that they can tell the party chief that the defeat was because of the postponement of elections.

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