No restraint in celebrations

Not long ago YSRCP leaders were celebrating that Jagan has friendship with the Centre. The postponement of local body elections shows that this is what happens when the Centre pulls the strings. Though Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar said that the Constitution has given him the powers to take such a crucial decision, doubts are being expressed that the Centre is behind this decision. There is also debate in YSRCP government that Ramesh Kumar has done this with the Centre’s support.

YSRCP had so far enjoyed the influence BJP’s Rajya Sabha member GVL Narasimha Rao has at the Centre. GVL, who dumped Jagan government on three capitals issue, has taken a clear stand against the government over local body polls. There have been clashes in AP even before the announcement of local body polls. He has been alleging that there is no law and order and that his party candidates are not being allowed to file nominations. Not just this, he also wrote a letter to the Centre along with other Rajya Sabha members. While all this was happening, Jagan government was not alert.

Though Jagan is currently in power in AP, BJP joined hands with Jana Sena so that it becomes stronger at least by 2024. It hopes to draw some political benefits in the local body elections. However Jagan government with its entire political hunger targeted TDP and other parties. With over enthusiasm to win the polls unanimously, it also stopped BJP at several places. As a result BJP leaders started feeling why should there be elections in places where they have nothing in their favour. It is being said that because of the complaint they lodged with the Centre, the elections were postponed.

Jagan government should understand one thing from these developments. It will be wrong to assume that like during the times of Vajyapee and Advani, BJP’s support will be total and unconditional. YSRCP can hope to get only the issue-support from Modi and Shah. BJP leaders don’t speak if they realize that their interests will not be served. They can embrace Jagan if they get some benefit. BJP will not be satisfied only with Jagan giving Rajya Sabha tickets to its nominees and supporting the bills tabled by the Centre. BJP needs maximum political benefits. For this they come closer only once. The second time they maneuver from a distance. All in all it is being said that the Centre is also among those who dealt a blow from behind to Jagan after realizing that there is no competition to him in local body polls.

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