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Telangana elections have somewhat helped Jagan. YSR Congress leaders are publicly stating that Telangana elections held before Andhra Pradesh polls were of some help to them. They believe  the fact that some forces failed to influence voters in Telangana will work to their advantage in Andhra Pradesh elections. In fact they were afraid that these forces could succeed in influencing voters. YSRCP had already stated that, before elections leaders like Lagadapati Rajagopal will confuse people in the name of surveys. If Mahakutami had won in Telangana, Lagadapati’s survey would have the credibility. YSRCP leaders were afraid that if Mahakutami wins in Telangana, Lagadapati would have done to two three surveys before polls in Andhra Pradesh.

However with Mahakutami biting the dust in Telangana elections and the result coming in total contrast to Lagadapati’s survey, YSRCP leadership heaved sigh of relief. YSRCP already had doubts that Chandrababu will play many gimmicks. They claim that Lagadapati Rajagopal met Chandrababu Naidu two three times and held talks. That’s why YSRCP already anticipated that they face a threat from Lagadapati in the elections. One of the YSRCP leaders told ‘Telugupost’ that when Lagadapati came out with his survey, some people believed it.

They, however, feel that Lagadapati’s scene reversing in Telangana is good for them. Similarly, the campaign ran by some major media houses for Mahakutami in Telangana and cooked up news even on polling day failed to give it the victory. They said that they know YSRCP faces threat of a similar propaganda by some media houses in AP but Telangana elections showed that there are no chances of people believing the news of such media organizations. YSRCP leaders are on a high as they believe that all this will work to their advantage.

There are hardly six months for Andhra Pradesh elections. After completing the padyatra, Jagan is once again planning to go among the people. He is also in the process of finalizing the candidates. In this context they are confident as to which way anti-incumbency votes will be polled. They believe that there are no chances of people trusting Jana Sena and Pawan Kalyan. They are confident that with one-sided polling in AP, Jagan will definitely become the chief minister. Even if we keep aside the question whether Jagan will become the chief minister or not, it is a fact that AP will have no confusion because of Lagadapati’s survey. That’s why YSRCP has heaved sigh of relief. They thank KCR for this.


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