Opposition blame BJP on Kashmir

The opposition parties in the country are blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party leadership on Jammu and Kashmir issue. While the Central rule continues in the border state with armed forces and the police providing high level security, the opposition parties see democracy killed in the State by the BJP. The BJP withdrew contentious Article 370 and made Jammu and Kashmir equal to the rest of the States in the country. The special status given to this state under Article 370, where the State can have its own flag, its own citizenship and the laws of the land are not applied here, was withdrawn against the wishes of the majority people.

The BJP had been voicing against the Article 370 for decades and it was never in favour of continuing that. In the first term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP did not take this decision, though there was much demand from its ranks. Having won for the second term with a big majority, the BJP had made its strong leader, Amit Shah, as Union Home Minister, who finally put his iron hand on the border state. Without consulting the people or the opposition parties, the BJP had brought the bill to Rajya Sabha withdrawing Article 370 and imposing President Rule there. The Opposition parties and the people of the state were caught unaware and had no time to react, before the BJP acted on it.

The BJP’s swift move is seen as undemocratic. The security forces were placed across the State and the educational institutions were closed ahead of the bill tabled in Rajya Sabha. The students were sent out of the State, giving them no chance to react and revolt. The streets were put in the close watch of the police and armed forces to curb any protest. The BJP wants Kashmir to be in silence mode for some more time before democracy is restored.

Ram Tatavarthi
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