Paritala family distancing from TDP ?

Is Paritala family, a prominent political family in Anantapur district, getting ready to take a sensational political decision? Paritala family has been with TDP for few decades and it grew in the party and stood by it through all ups and downs. Now the family keeping away from the party has become a topic of debate in political circles. From Paritala Ravi to today’s young leader Paritala Sriram, Ravi’s wife Sunita all called the shots in TDP. Not just in Anantapur, the family has craze across the state.

Sunita became a minister in Chandrababu cabinet in 2014 and remained in that post for five years. In the last elections, she fielded Paritala Sriram. Everyone thought he will win but due to Jagan Tsunami he tasted the defeat. Sunita made a sacrifice to get ticket for her son but Sriram lost the election by a majority of 27,000 votes. This had never happened in Paritala family’s history. Subsequently when Chandrababu said that he will give importance to youth, Sriram came to Amaravati to meet him. Recently in support of the capital movement, Sunita laid pro-capital muggu in front of her house to declare her support to Chandrababu. But now there are reports that there is a sudden storm in the family.

Currently TDP graph has significantly slumped in the state. Though Chandrababu has launched the protest over the capital issue but nobody is coming forward to support him. Similar is the party’s condition in Anantapur. Key leaders like Varadapuram Suri have left the party to join BJP. Now a situation has created where even JC group is also reportedly thinking of leaving the party. In such a situation, Paritala family is also staying away from the party. In fact after the defeat from Raptadu, Sriram is also not politically very active.

Meanwhile, incharge post in Dharmavaram also fell vacant. As a result, Chandrababu entrusted to the mother and son the responsibility of looking after these two constituencies. Still, they are not showing interest. Moreover, there are reports that the mother son duo are in touch with former TDP leader and present BJP leader and MP Sujana Chowdary. Will Paritala family leave the party or not? Though there is no clarity over this but it is a fact that they are staying away from the party. At a time when TDP is facing strong opposition across the state Paritala family is staying away from the party and this led to speculations that it can taken U-turn. What will happen is something we have to wait and see.

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