Parties gearing up for another poll battle

Local body elections are scheduled to be held in another three months. YSRCP government has conveyed this to the court. Minister Botsa Satyanarayana has also given clarity over this. Parties like TDP and Jana Sena have still not able to digest YSRCP’s victory in Andhra Pradesh. Even after the defeat, these parties don’t seem to have prepared any action plan. On one hand, defections from TDP and Jana Sena to the ruling YSRCP are continuing. TDP with 23 MLAs and Jana Sena with just one MLA are left in the Andhra Pradesh political field. Recently long march brought the two parties together. YSRCP leaders are even saying that these parties have good relations since pre-election times.

On the other hand, BJP leaders believe that saffron party has become stronger in AP. There is no change in the fate of Congress and the Left parties. Overall this is the political situation. In this context an intense debate is going on as to who will win the local body elections.

It has been only six months since the general elections. Now another election is seen as a challenge for the opposition. Moreover, local body election means it definitely helps the ruling party. People also have clear thinking on which party to vote for in a particular election. Many people feel that since YSRCP is in power in the state, if they vote for the same party in local body polls they will be able to participate in the development. This has been proved many a times. Even if opposition parties get few seats in these elections, there is no guarantee that those elected will not defect. Through long march, Pawan Kalyan showed he is among people but this provides no sufficient fuel to propel his Jana Sena. Babu is making noise with his fast and protests but it is not known how far this will help his party.

If we see on the other side, due to sand shortage lakhs of workers dependent on construction sector have rendered jobless. TDP and Jana Sena believe that the slowdown in the construction sector will have direct or indirect impact and this will lead to anti-establishment feeling among people. However, there is another view that by announcing a slew of welfare programmes, the government is balancing anti-establishment sentiments. YSRCP hopes that by the time local body elections are held, even the problem of sand shortage will not be there. Determined to win the elections at any cost, Jagan is also trying to woo leaders from other parties to YSRCP. Moreover he has power in his hands. Overall the local body elections are a challenge for both the ruling party and the opposition. The elections will also decide whether BJP is really gaining ground in the state or not.

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