Pawan claims on coming to power in 2019

Perhaps this was his first ever statement on winning the elections and coming to power. The Jana Sena chief, who had been talking about waiting for 25 years to win power for all these days, had now talked about winning power right away. The man who said that he had not come to politics just to win the elections but to solve the problems of the people, now said his party would win the elections.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan said that new political polarisation which will take place in the State and at the Centre would help him win the next round of elections. “The TDP will not win the election. The YSR Congress cannot form the government. It is Jana Sena which is going to form the government in the State,” Pawan Kalyan said while addressing a meeting at Peddapuram in East Godavari district.

The man, who had been saying that he was not in a hurry to win the elections and that he was not a power monger like Jaganmohan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu, is now talking about winning the elections and forming the government. He also talks about the possible new political polarisation, which he is yet to reveal in detail.

The possible polarisation is his alliance with the Left parties and the Bahujan Samaj Party, a combination and unity of the neglected and deprived sections. While the two Left parties are ready for alliance with him, the BSP is yet to give him an olive leaf. The fact is that the BSP is looking at the Telugu Desam Party with Chandrababu Naidu meeting Mayawati in Delhi.

If Mayawati prefers Chandrababu Naidu, one wonders what makes Pawan Kalyan to talk about new polarisation in politics that would bring him to power in the next election. As of now, given the existing political arrangement, Pawan Kalyan’s talk of the Jana Sena coming to power, is possible only with his party’s alliance with the TDP – the one that happened in the neighbouring Karnataka, where Janata Dal (Secular) with 36 MLAs had won the power with the Congress support.

Is Pawan Kalyan expecting a post-poll alliance with the TDP or YSR Congress to take him to the corridors of power and make him the next chief minister?

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