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Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena

Seniors says real leaders and real parties are those who know when and where to respond. There have been many instances when despite having a strategy, failure to respond at crucial times reduced leaders and parties to spectators. Now Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan is facing a similar situation. Jana Sena had set itself the goal of rising in the state and coming to power and towards this end it launched many campaigns. Pawan Kalyan organized rally over sand shortage though nobody had demanded. There was no demand from farmers but Jana Sena leader organized rythu sowbhagya deeksha.

He also raised the issue of special category status on his shoulders but later dumped it.

However, in recent times he launched strong attacks on Jagan government and he was seen on various occasions assuring people that he is there for them. He made his voice heard. Everything was fine. However, now strong protests are going on in some districts over the capital issue. At the same time this is an issue which is beneficial to the party. Even BJP, which has promised to give funds to the capital but did not provide the funds, is using the protests in Amaravati to turn the situation in its favour and get people’s support.

BJP chief Kanna Lakshminarayana, who could not even save his deposit, also earned the praise for staging silent protest in support of the people of the capital. Main opposition TDP is daily extending support to protests over Amaravati in some form or the other. There is no need to mention about the Left parties. Wherever four persons gather, the comrades carrying red flags join them. They are staging protests to turn the capital issue in their favour. However, in such a situation what is Jana Sena, which had set big goals for itself, doing? What is Pawan, who once stood by the capital farmers, is doing? What his party leaders are doing? These are the questions everybody asking.

One day, Naga Babu and Nadendla Manohar visited few villages and raised their voice in support of farmers. Till the other day, Pawan Kalyan was running ahead of leader of opposition Chandrababu Naidu over small issues. There was even a talk that Babu was following Pawan. However, Pawan’s silence at a time when the capital issue is on boil, has left the party cadres disappointed.

Except on the occasions when Pawan raised a hue and cry, Jana Sena leaders and workers were not seen even once. This has raised question as to what Jana Sena is doing and it also created doubts whether it has taken a u-turn on capital issue. While this is the situation on one side, megastar Chiranjeevi welcomed three capital statement of CM Jagan. This is said to have landed Jana Sena leaders in a dilemma? All in all, even intellectuals are shocked that Jana Sena could not respond on time. If this situation continues, the party’s growth will be difficult.

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