Pawan Kalyan not happy with govt moves on Amaravati

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who held the party’s politburo meeting, had expressed his displeasure over the State government’s plans to shift capital Amaravati from the present location. The party is said to have discussed at length the YSR Congress Party’s line on Amaravati and the land pooling, besides the government’s decision to stop all works in the capital.

In the midst of news that the government is having second thoughts on continuing the capital works in the present location, the Jana Sena chief said that it was not good to shift the capital or have a new name for the capital as people are already thinking of Amaravati as capital.

There was a stiff resistance from the people and the environmental experts when the capital location was fixed along river Krishna. The resistance was against the destruction of the fertile and multi-crop lands as it was called the vegetable bowl of Vijayawada city. The YSR Congress had then opposed this location too and Jagan mohan Reddy had promised to return the lands to the owners if their lands were taken by force.

Now, Jana Sena chief, who also initially opposed land pooling by force and had visited some of the capital villages but later withdrew in support of the TDP government. However, after the YSR Congress government taking over the administration, the Jana Sena chief is acting tough these days. He had even released a book on the 100 days of Jagan mohan Reddy government where he criticised the government on several issues for its failure.

The present protest on the basis of the rumours that the capital would be shifted from the present location, the Jana Sena chief raised strong objection and demanded that any such move should be withdrawn or else his party would protest.

It is to be seen how Pawan Kalyan would make his next move against the government, in an attempt to consolidate his party and prepare it for the impending local body elections.

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