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Pawan Kalyan, who was busy with election campaign, has forwarded a video message yesterday from Bhimavaram to the people of the State. He lamented that some leaders of TDP and YCP were feeling his kindness as a weakness. But he has a culture to invite even his rival and extend his hospitality. When YCP leader Ambati Rambabu, TDP leaders Thota Trimurthulu and Chalamalasetty Sunil, came to his house, he welcomed and spoke to them. Taking this as an advantage, Ambati Rambabu was making claims that he was very close to him and he was propagating that he skipped Satthenapalli poll campaign on his request. It would not suit to the stature of Rambabu to make such false claims and rebuked him for using him for his political mileage. He made it clear that he skipped Sathenapalli for election campaign because of his health constraints.

Referring to TDP leader Thota Trimurthulu, the Jana Sena chief said he was familiar with him since the inception of PRP. But he never been invited to join Janasena Party and no one through him had joined party. He condemned the false propagation by Trimurthulu that he was a weak leader and did not have any knowledge about politics. He asked what experience he has in politics and how could he claim that he has vast experience as a 3-4-time legislator. He said these leaders were resorting to blackmail politics to get contracts from TDP government. He warned that these leaders should mend their ways as they should remember that this was not 2009 it was 2019. He should make comments carefully otherwise he would not tolerate such blackmail tactics.

Pawan Kalyan lashed out at another TDP leader Chalamalasetty Sunil for wasting his valuable time of six months. “He met me and promised to join Jana Sena saying that he came out form the YCP. Finally, he joined TDP. If he has love for Chandrababu Naidu, why should he approach me?,” Pawan asked.

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