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Till two years ago, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan used to say on many occasions that he likes Visakhapatnam very much. He emphasized that it was here he learnt acting. Pawan Kalyan also recalled that while he learnt acting skills in Visakhapatnam, his fans here made his films big hit and elevated him to this level. He said that Visakhapatnam is his special favourite and exactly like Chandrababu narrated many stories. That’s why I am contesting from Gajuwaka, Pawan had said. However, he lost the elections from here. It’s a normal happening but the real twist is that Pawan Kalyan has taken off his flag from here.

It looks that Pawan Kalyan has already started making preparations for 2024 elections. He is indicating that he has made up his mind to contest from Tadepalligudem. Recently there were reports that while addressing party workers at Tadepalligudem, Pawan admitted that contesting from two seats was his mistake. He is also reported to have remarked that had he contested from Tadepalligudem it would have been good. Pawan Kalyan is said to have told the party workers that in the next elections he will contest from here. This means with his defeat Pawan has said goodbye to Visakhapatnam.

It is being said that there are many reasons for Pawan Kalyan dumping Visakhapatnam. The main reason is Visakhapatnam has become the capital and as chief minister Jagan will rule from here. This also means that by 2024 YSRCP will become very strong here. Since Jagan’s focus will be here and realizing that it will be tough to contest, Pawan Kalyan as a precautionary measure is trying to look for a seat elsewhere. Jana Sena leader is also said to be of the view that it will not be good to contest again from Gajwaka where he had to face the defeat.

On another side, Pawan Kalyan is strongly opposing the proposal of three capitals. He is demanding that Amaravati should continue as the capital. He is opposing Vizag as the state capital. In such a situation contesting and winning from Gajuwaka will be an uphill task for Pawan Kalyan. In the meantime minister Avanti Srinivas threw a challenge at Pawan Kalyan. He said Pawan Kalyan who is opposing Vizag as the capital should contest and win from here, otherwise he should not enter the fray in the region. Vizag was fine to contest the election but is it not fit to become the capital, the minister asked Pawan Kalyan. This has forced Pawan Kalyan to do rethinking. Two years before the elections Pawan was visiting the region and even contested the elections from here. However, for last nine months he is not looking towards this region and feels that Godavari is better. This has left his fans in Vizag disappointed.

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