Pawan stops midway, Jagan going strong

Vigour and vitality are a must in the political game. Determination is essential not only to serve the people, but also to occupy positions. Politics is not ‘sanyas’ that you show the magnanimity to forgive the opponents. Jana Sena, which entered the fray afresh, is facing the criticism of not having the firm determination that is required Having kept the people waiting for two years for his serious activity, the Jana Sena chief wound up his North coastal Andhra tour in 15 days, putting the credibility to doubts. Though he is using excuses like Ramzan celebrations, was he not aware of it while finalising the tour schedule?

Politics is like riding a tiger. When one sits on it, he has to continue riding it till the victory. Otherwise, that political party disappears. This is what happened to Praja Rajyam. Praja Rajyam and Jana Sena have some broad similarities and differences. The party can be strengthened if the damaging similarities are removed and differences which can give the strength are consolidated.

The politician in seasoned leader Chandrababu Naidu has completely gone to sleep. Starting with dumping BJP to managing Telugu Desam affairs, he is doing everything as planned. Without thinking about anything else, TDP began the hectic activity in the name of ‘porata deeksha’, ‘nava nirmana’ and ‘maha sabha’. It is sending strong signal to people that it is working very hard. Chandrababu says at every meeting that if TDP doesn’t come to power in the state in 2019, the state will go to the dogs. He has planned 75 meetings. Thousands of ‘deeksha’ are continuing. All these are being done with an eye on the elections. Party campaign is being run with public funds. There is no difference between day and night. This is continuing without break. He is focusing on resolving differences in the party in various constituencies. He is telling both leaders and workers as to how important are these elections for the party. Funds mobilization and implementation of party strategies are anyway there. Alliances and strategies at right time is Chandrababu’s strength. In many elections in the past, this strategy paid off for TDP. Similar exercise is on for 2019 election. Looking at Chandrababu, one can understand how strong should be a leader in political battle.

On the other side, leader of opposition Jagan is visiting the villages on foot to get first hand understanding of the situation. Though his padyatra is not getting full cooperation from the court, he has not backtracked. He is attending court every Friday and the very next day he goes among the people. He is setting a new record in terms of padyatra in the history of Andhra Pradesh. There is no denying the fact that this is all for the sake of power. Some leaders get excited with the thought of going among people. This is what happened in the case of YSR in 2003. Now Jagan is continuing his padyatra with the vigour. The party anyway has the following in Rayalaseema. That’s why huge public response is only expected. However, political analysts were surprised to see how people welcomed Jagan in the two Godavari districts. They see this as a prelude to the political changes. In 2014 elections, YSRCP received huge blow. Political observers were saying that Jana Sena and TDP will dominate the Godavari districts. However, after watching public response to Jagan’s padyatra, they have been forced to change their assessment. The enthusiasm during padyatra indicates the public mood.

Jana Sena got a big opportunity to bring new politics to the fore. Ruling and opposition parties have somewhat weakened. TDP could not take the state on the path of development to the level expected by the people. There is widespread corruption. It appears to have failed in fulfilling poll promises. Corruption cases are haunting opposition YSRCP. People believe TDP’s campaign that YSRCP chief will have to go to jail. Reddys and Kammas are backing these two parties. In terms of population, these two parties do not have large numbers. But Kapus who are believed to be backing Jana Sena are over 15 percent of the total population. All these factors are in favour of Jana Sena. However, the party structure has not yet taken the shape. When Pawan was on a tour, not everyone came to see him was a voter. Intellectuals and thinkers in the party have to analyse the issues. Leader has to be always amidst people. He should feel their pulse. He should take appropriate steps and make promises to win people. In this case, for the party leader the response from people is more important than the suggestions by intellectuals in the party. Jana Sena is missing this issue. YSRCP and TDP are already in poll mode. Pawan midway called off his porata yatra. This is damaging step for the party. The leader should not give up till the end. If game stops, seats will be gone.

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