Peddireddy calling the shots

From outside and going by the news, it appears that all ministers in Jagan cabinet are scared of him and they don’t talk face to face with him. However, if we go deep into this, everybody is a monarch in his own right. Barring four or five ministers, all others are following their own path. One of them is said to behaving in such manner that he is dictating officials in his constituency and even in CMO to obey him. He is Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy.

As a senior leader who has been continuously getting elected from Punganur constituency in Chittoor district, he has good image. He is in politics since YSR times. He is active in politics from his youth days. His son Mithun Reddy has also scored consecutive victories as MP and became important leader for YSRCP in Delhi. Miyhun Reddy is also YSRCP incharge for Anantapur. Peddireddy family is important in Jagan core team.

Coming to Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, he is serving as the panchayat raj and rural development minister in Jagan cabinet. It is not considered a significant portfolio. However, it has become very important for the government to create its own vote bank. All works under the Centre’s prestigious National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and panchayat development works are carried out by this department. There are allegations that Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is giving works only to his people and to those recommended by Jagan.

It is said that he is not releasing even a paisa to those who executed the works in the previous government and were waiting for the money. This is normal no matter which party comes to power. However, Peddireddy is said to be releasing funds only for his constituency and CM’s constituency. When questioned he is asking ‘Do you know more than me’.

He is also said to be using good relations between Jagan and Telangana CM for his advantage. In his native district Chittoor, he is not only directing that all works should be done under his supervision but if any leader is defying him, he is warning of action against him.

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