Protest calls sending TDP leaders into tizzy


Telugu Desam Party leaders are worried in all 13 districts. The moment they are organizing a protest programme against the government, cases are being booked against them. In these eight months several TDP leaders had to run around the police stations and the courts. That’s why many TDP leaders have become silent. This is the main reason for lhe leaders who were very active when TDP was in power now becoming silent.

It is very annoying for the TDP leaders that even before completion of one year of the government, Chandrababu is calling series of protest programmes. Several leaders are ignoring the orders coming from the head office but they are immediately receiving phone calls, leaving them confused. TDP leaders are questioning as to why series of protest programmes are being organized without knowing what is happening at the grass-root.

After formation of YSRCP government, Chandrababu Naidu called for series of protests over sand, English medium and false cases against the party workers. As expected the party workers were booked for staging protests. That’s why TDP district presidents are staying away from such programmes. Now Chandrababu has announced the bus yatra. He has called up on the TDP leaders in all districts to undertake bus yatras from February 17 to highlight the government’s failures.

However, TDP leaders are opening their mouth on this call. They are saying that they were caught in debt trap due to the defeat in elections and by calling series of programmes he is creating troubles for them. Some TDP leaders have even telephoned the party headquarters asking it to provide financial help. Some are saying that bus yatra will not be easy and in the present situation mobilizing party cadre and people is also not possible. Thus a situation has created where Chandrababu’s protest calls are making the TDP leaders worried.

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