Radha could have stayed in YSR Congress

Vangaveeti Radhakrishna

Which party is Vangaveeti Radha currently in? Nobody can give a quick response to this question. Vangaveeti Radha has resigned from YSR Congress party but he has not joined Telugu Desam party. TDP chief is said to have set aside the assurances given to him. Radha’s future has become like a candle in wind. About a month ago Radha announced his resignation from YSR Congress party. TDP leaders also went to his house and had discussion with him.

The representatives sent by Chandrababu Naidu promised to give MLC post to Radha. They told Radha that since Central constituency has sitting MLA Bonda Umamaheshwara Rao it can’t be given to him and there is no chance in Krishna district, he will be given MLC post and urged him to accept it. Radha demanded that Krisna Lanka house sites issue should be resolved and a long lasting solution should be found. He was given an assurance in this regard. However, both the assurance have not yet been fulfilled.

In the latest development, TDP chief Chandrababu selected four MLC candidates. They were also elected unanimously. The absence of Radha’s name in the list has already become a hot topic in Vijayawada. However, the reasons being cited by TDP sources for this are also different. It is being asked how can he be made a MLC without his joining the TDP. This argument is reasonable. Making MLC without his joining the party will send wrong signals in the party.

Vacant MLC posts have been filled. Chandrababu has unofficially announced candidates for almost all seats in Krishna district. Though Radha has joined the party, there is no chance of his getting any post. Radha’s aides say the reason for his not joining TDP so far is that he did not like any post. He wants to contest direct elections and get elected to Assembly. However, it does not look his wish getting fulfilled this time. He resigned from YSR Congress. Though he joined TDP, he is not getting a post and a ticket. There are satires on social media as to how Radha with his haste spoiled his own chances. They say that had he been in YSR Congress, he would have got a ticket from West constituency or Bandar parliament constituency. Overall Radha’s political future is currently under cloud.

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