Rahul, a liability for Congress

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the man who aspired to occupy the top seat in the country, is taking a backseat now. He had quit the post of the party president after the party’s debacle in the 2019 general elections. Had Congress won the elections, by now, he would have been sitting in the top seat of this world’s largest democracy. But, defeat, he is not able to digest and move forward with his leadership. The greatness of leadership is to lead the followers in defeat with the same spirit. Anyone can be a leader when in power. That was proved in the case of his father Rahul Gandhi, who was the country’s first accidental prime minister.

The true spirit of leadership was shown by his grandmother, Indira Gandhi. If Rahul Gandhi wants to be a successful leader, he should follow his grandmother, who was in power and who was in opposition with the same fighting spirit. She had fought the oddest battles when the entire opposition was united and when there was no leader to back her. She was insulted. She was humiliated. When she visited Diviseema in 1977 cyclone, the then government did not give her even a guest house. She had to use the bedroom and washroom of Atheist, Gora’s daughter Chennupati Vidya on that day. That was the greatest resistance she had and the toughest times that she had to face.

Today, for Rahul Gandhi, there are no such difficulties. He has the leaders to follow and he has the facilities guaranteed by the government. He has the party behind him. But, still, he is running away from the battle field like Uttara Kumara of the King Virat in Maha Bharat. He had resigned to the party president post. He refused to accept the Leader of Opposition role. He is insisting on not taking up the party president post even after a month.

It is time for the Congress leaders to stop pleading this runway kid and ask Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to take over. Better late than never. Let the wisdom prevail on the Congress leaders. Stop asking Uttara Kumar to fight the battle. Let Priyanka fight the battle.

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