Rahul’s decision to contest from Kerala breaches Opposition unity

Congress president Rahul Gandhi had decided to contest from Wayand Lok Sabha constituency in Kerala besides his traditional Amethi seat in Uttar Pradesh. He had decided on contesting from the South as his grandmother and zeroed in on Wayand constituency in Kerala. His grandmother, Indira Gandhi, contested from Medak constituency in Telangana and Rahul wants his contest in South would help him keep the party strong.

However, the Left parties are up in arms against the Congress chief for choosing Wayand, where the CPM-led Left Front is contesting. Kerala chief minister Pinarai Vijayan and CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechuri raised strong objections to Rahul Gandhi’s decision and said that the Congress chief is fighting against the Left front and not the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP too is contesting from a few seats in Kerala and the CPM felt that Rahul Gandhi could have selected one of those seat and defeat the BJP. But, choosing Wayand is to fight against the Left Front and defeat its candidate, which, in other words would help the BJP.

“Is the Congress chief fighting against the Left front or the BJP? If he is seriously in favour of defeating the BJP in the country, he should contest against BJP and defeat it. But, he is contesting against the Left Front. The BJP is also contesting against the Left Front. Does it mean both BJP and Congress are against the Left Front in Kerala,” was what both Kerala chief minister and the CPM general secretary asked.

This question from the CPM leaders raises doubts over the non-BJP alliance at the national level after the elections. The Congress chief and the leaders of several parties, including Mamatha Benerji of West Bengal, Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh and Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi, are looking for a grand alliance against the BJP-led NDA. These parties have held at least two rounds of meetings in Delhi in the post-election scenario and have displayed the unity in Kolkata where Mamatha Benerji organised a rally. The CPM leaders in West Bengal too are not happy with the Congress for aligning with Mamatha Benerji who is working against the CPM in West Bengal.

Now, the Kerala comes to the fore among the non-BJP leaders with the CPM questioning the intentions of the Congress chief. “He is contesting against the CPM in Kerala. He is aligning with Mamatha Benerji against the CPM in West Bengal. Sitting in Delhi he wants the Left to support him in building an alternative to BJP. What is he doing and how such a unity is possible,” the Kerala chief minister asked.

Will Rahul answer this question during his campaign in Kerala or in his efforts to build a national alternative to the BJP?

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