Rajagopal is not even looking at AP

Lagadapati Rajgopal Survey

It appears that Lagadapati Rajagopal has taken a complete retirement from the politics. In the previous elections, he created a flutter in the name of surveys. Subsequently, he was not seen. Now at a time when there is ruckus over the issue of capital Amaravati, he is not coming out and for this his friends are finding fault with him. It is learnt that Lagadapati Rajagopal is confined to Hyderabad. With change of guard in AP, he is not even looking at Vijayawada.

At the time of state’s bifurcation, he created a sensation by using pepper spray in the Parliament. He had vowed that if the state is divided he will retire from politics. As the state was divided, he distanced himself from direct elections. However after Chandrababu’s victory in 2014, Lagadapati met him few times. Lagadapati visited AP secretariat and CM camp office to meet Chandrababu.

On the eve of the last year’s elections, he released a survey report which predicted that Telugu Desam Party will retain power. On that occasion when Lagadapati came to Amaravati, people there welcomed him by showering petals. He also declared that if his survey is proved wrong he will not do any survey in future. However, Lagadapati’s survey proved wrong. With Jagan government coming to power in AP, he is not even looking towards Vijayawada.

Lagadapati, who served as the member of parliament from Vijayawada, still has the followers in Vijayawada. It is learnt that some people tried to rope in Lagadapati in the movement against shifting of the capital from Amaravati but he refused to join. He is said to have told his friends that no matter how strong is the protest it will not yield the result. That’s why he also refused to make any statement on the capital Amaravati. All in all, Lagadapati Rajagopal is not looking at AP for last eight months. Friends say that he is not even attending the marriages.

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