Reasons for Keshav’s silence

Payyavula Keshav is the TDP MLA elected from Uravakonda in Anantapur district. He is known as a leader with a long inning in the party. Whether he wins or loses, he always plays key role in the party. Keshav also became popular as a leader who stays away from controversies and who is accessible to people. However, politically the luck has not favoured him. It has become common that when he wins the election, the party will be in opposition and when he loses, the party comes into power. As a result of this, he could not get key posts.

In the previous elections, TDP suffered humiliating defeat in AP but Keshav was elected from Uravakonda. However, now he is holding a very important position. He got a chance to be the chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC). As per the Constitution he has the powers to hold the government to account. As PAC chaiman Keshav’s criticism will carry lot of importance. Still, Keshav is not taking initiative in this matter.

No matter how civilized and well mannered a leader is, everyone in politics get a chance to change himself in tune with the situation. However, Keshav is maintaining silence. While TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu is giving calls for protests on anti-people policies of the government, Keshav is not giving much importance to this. This is what being currently discussed in TDP circles. Senior party leaders and elected MLAs are saying that if they had got PAC chairman post, they would have spoken out strongly. Some others say they would have cornered the government.

In fact many party leaders requested Babu for this post. Prominent among them included Gottipati Ravi, who was elected as MLA from Addanki in Prakasam district. There have been reports that he requested Babu to give him this post. Similarly Paruchur MLA and academician Yeluri Sambasiva Rao’s name also came to the fore. Palakollu MLA Nimmala Rama Naidu’s name was also considered. Senior leader and Rajamahendravaram MLA Gorantla Bucchaiah Chowdary too insisted on this post. Still Chandrababu picked Keshav, solely for his qualification as the senior leader.

However, it is significant to note that so far there is no instance of Keshav criticizing the government in his own style or pointing out its mistakes. Debate is going in media and political circles that there are various reasons for this. Some TDP leaders say that Keshav has friendly relations and business ties with few leaders of YSRCP and that is why despite holding PAC chairman’s post he is maintaining silence. Another reason is said to be Keshav’s business interests in Telangana. Recently there have also been reports that he plans to join BJP.

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