Sand smuggling is a crime in Andhra Pradesh

In an attempt to stream line the sand supply in the state, chief minister Y S Jagan mohan Reddy had directed the officials to ensure that a new legislation is made to treat all illegal activities in sand mining and supply as crime. He wanted the officials to propose stern action against those who excavate or transport or sell sand without permission are treated as criminal activities. As the Assembly is not in session to make the law, the chief minister had directed the officials to issue Ordinance incorporating strict provisions to deal with sand mafia.

The chief minister had also directed the officials to use technology in the sand activity including installation of CC cameras at the sand reaches and sand stock points. He also asked them to geotag the vehicles to watch their movement from the sand reaches or stock points to the customers. He wanted the officials to establish new check posts on the state border areas and create more mobile parties to check the sand transportation. The check posts in the state bordering Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru would have more officials now guarding sand transportation.

The price of the sand and transportation too would differ from district to district. The chief minister asked the officials to hold a meeting with the district collectors to fix the unit price depending on the distance of the sand reaches and stock points. The district collectors were asked to identify the sand reaches in their district and come up with the suggested price to be followed in the district. The price list once finalised, would be on display in the village secretariats.

A toll free number too would be announced shortly and the people can make a call and complain to the officials on the sand irregularities. The toll free number would be given to the people, the chief minister said. He also instructed the officials not to allow unauthorised excavation of sand. “I am looking for no corruption in sand issues like the previous government, where the leaders minted money,” the chief minister told the officials.

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