Secret of Kejriwal’s hat-trick

Simplicity…corruption free governance… no caste, no religion, no community. He just provided facilities required for people’s day-to-day life. This helped him score a hat-trick. Kejriwal’s victory should be a lesson for the regional parties in the country. Kejriwal proved that if people are provided basic amenities, electoral victory will be guaranteed. There is no pasupu kunkuma, no fee reimbursement, no cash transfer benefit scheme and not even investment in elections. Still Delhi voters once again crowned Kejriwal.

Kejriwal focused on the local issues. His entire focus was on showing solution to the problems of poor and the middle class. If somebody wins for the first time it is called luck. If he wins for the second time it may be called a wave. But what is the secret of Kejriwal’s third victory is something the regional parties have to know. He took on Prime Minister Modi to ascend the throne.

He gave 20 liters of free clean drinking water to every person. This time he attracted poor and middle class people with electricity subsidy. Another key area was health. By opening mohalla clinic in every lane, he provided free health services to poor. Kejriwal also tried to meet 500 common people every day. As a result of this a message went out that the chief minister is closer to people.

Subsidy to women travelling in the bus was another major step which attracted voters. That’s the reason that in many constituencies Aam Admi Party scored one-sided victory. The number of seats may have come down compared to last elections but this does not mean that Kejriwal’s popularity has come down. This is because Delhi people see Kejriwal as the only leader who can provide relief to them. He showed that even now if the regional parties solve the civic problems without focusing on cash transfer benefit or personal interests they will be the victorious. It is because of this that he scored amazing victory. That’s Kejriwal.

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