Settlement during engagement?

CM Ramesh’s daughter’s engagement ceremony was held in Dubai. The participation of a large number of TDP leaders in the ceremony triggered a debate. It is said that several TDP leaders went to Dubai. CM Ramesh arranged a special aircraft for them and made large-scale arrangements. Nobody will have any objection if they simply attend the engagement ceremony. However, their participation in the ceremony sparked a political debate.

It is said that out of 23 TDP MLAs in AP, some attended the engagement of CM Ramesh’s daughter. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is looking into this. His special team is said to be finding out the whereabouts of MLAs and who went to Dubai and for what purpose. Former minister Ganta Srinivas Rao is said to have visited Dubai. There is a debate that besides him some MLAs also attended this ceremony.

Ganta Srinivas Rao has been staying away from party activities for quite some time. He is said to be in touch with BJP leaders. TDP sources admit that he is sure to join BJP. There have been speculations for some time that two north Andhra MLAs will also go to BJP along with Ganta. However, Chandrababu is confident that he will not immediately leave TDP. That’s why Chandrababu is undertaking series of visits to the districts to create confidence in the leadership.

However, TDP was gripped by the fear that the engagement of CM Ramesh’s daughter turned into the platform for defections. TDP is shocked that they may be coming back after doing the settlement at the engagement. That’s why Chandrababu is said to have entrusted to a senior TDP leader the task of contacting MLAs over phone. Overall, there have been speculations that they all managed at the engagement ceremony. There are suspicions that TDP MLAs are not just in touch but they will be joining BJP as predicted by Sujana Chowdary.

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