Seven booths in AP go for re-poll

The Election Commission had ordered re-poll in seven booths in the State. Five booths were notified earlier, while two booths were added to the list after the close consideration of the complaint filed by the ruling Telugu Desam Party.

The TDP had opposed the re-polling in the Chandragiri Assembly constituency, which was demanded by the Opposition YSR Congress. The YSR Congress had submitted video clips of the April 11 polling in five booths, which were captured by some private persons, while the election officials remained spectators.

The shame on the nation is that the Dalits in these five booths area were not allowed to vote even in 2019, almost 80 years after Independence. It is alleged that the upper caste dominates the democracy in these places, where the Dalits either prevented from coming for polling booth or turned away from the booth. It is the rich who vote for the TDP in every election even on behalf of the Dalit voters.

What is more shocking is that in these five booths, which are now going for re-poll in Chandragiri Assembly constituency of Chittoor district, only one or two votes are polled to the Congress earlier and the YSR Congress now. The votes are actually cast by the caste leaders in these places, while the election officials remain silent spectators.

According to the video clips now available with the Election Commission, the CC Cameras did not work in one booth, while the CC Cameras were turned against the walls, not recording the polling process in one booth. In the third booth, the Dalits were being sent away from the entry point of the booth by giving them just ink mark on their fingers. In the other two booths, according to these video clips, private persons were conducting the election process, while the election staff remained spectators.

The video clips, which are now in possession of the Election Commission, indicates how the Dalits are denied of their democracy and how they have been at the mercy of these caste leaders. In 26 years from now the country would be celebrating 100 years of democracy and we still find Dalits being at the mercy of the dominant castes.

Ram Tatavarthi
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