Shocking development for Pawan

Till the other day Pawan Kalyan was giving aggressive statements that the central government is in his pocket. He warned Jagan that the Centre will not keep quiet. He also commented that what is Jagan in front of powerful leaders like Modi and Amit Shah. If we keep all this aside, the Centre now has a total soft corner for Jagan. The proof is Prime Minister Modi calling Jagan and meeting him for one-and-half hour. There are also speculations that YSRCP will be joining the union ministry. If this happens, will Pawan Kalyan will be able to resist it? Currently a debate is going on over this.

Many a times Pawan Kalyan said that he does not recognize Jagan as the CM. Though he has not recognized but in his own words the country’s most powerful leader Modi is recognizing Jagan as the CM. Modi is also affectionate towards Jagan. This is something which Pawan Kalyan will not be able to digest. Pawan was looking to create trouble for Jagan with the Centre’s support but with the Centre itself embracing Jagan. i is said to be a shocking development for Pawan.

There are also intense speculations in Delhi that YSRCP is sure to be inducted in the union cabinet. If this happens it will be difficult for Pawan Kalyan to tolerate. Jagan will also become an indirect friend of Pawan. If Modi at the Centre and Jagan in AP hug each other, Pawan spitting fire at Jagan here will be of no use. This is also not coalition dharma. In a way the latest development is worrying Jana Sena.

In politics, it’s not the personalities but the number game which do the magic. If we take Pawan Kalyan, he lost from both the seats he contested. He is not even a MLA. On the other hand Jagan with 22 Lok Sabha MPs and four Rajya Sabha MPs, is the third biggest party in the country. Because of this it is natural that the Centre will be more interested in Jagan. This is an undeniable fact. Currently in AP, BJP will in no way benefit from Pawan Kalyan. BJP leaders are of the view that if Pawan Kalyan came and meet them for an alliance, it was for his own political needs. It’s not that the Centre may not be aware of Jana Sena’s strength in AP. It will definitely have all this information through intelligence sources. That’s why it is being said that BJP is getting ready to carry Jagan along with it in the national politics. If it happens, Jana Sena’s days will be counted in AP.

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