Smile is back on his face

Chandrababu Naidu met AASU leaders

There is Chandrababu. Jagan, whose age is less than Chandrababu’s experience, is the CM. What is the use of Jagan launching number of schemes and working very hard. Chandrababu is smashing him with single blow. TDP leaders say after a long time the smile is back on Chandrababu’s face. During last two years, Babu faced only defeats. He did not taste victory but the postponement of local body elections is said to have given him big relief. He believes that six months time would be sufficient for him.

Chandrababu has taken a firm decision to hit Jagan with sentiment. Coronavirus scare has gripped the entire world. TDP camp is ready to cash in on this situation as early as possible. Everyday Babu is holding two media meetings to deliver lectures on coronavirus. In between he is also roping in the experts. With facts and figures Chandrababu is showing the number of deaths in each country. On one hand he is adding to fear about coronavirus while on the other he is trying to come closer to people by advising them to take precautions to protect themselves. For people today there is no greater fear than coronavirus and hence Chandrababu has made a big plan to use this sentiment to deal a blow to Jagan.

Chandrababu is saying that while on one hand coronavirus is causing massive destruction while on the other this chief minister is not all bothered. He is also recalling his previous governments to tell people that he struggled a lot to overcome dengue and because of this the mosquito menace was controlled and diseases could be contained. Now a deadly virus like corona is threatening all but Jagan is not at all concerned. Even if the people lose their lives he is not bothered. This is how Chandrababu is bitterly criticizing Jagan. This is how the TDP chief is turning people against Jagan.

Chandrababu says people have to be alert till it is announced that there is no threat from corona, not just in AP but in the entire world. He also says that till then no elections should be conducted. This means Babu does not want elections to be held till a drug is developed for corona and the world is assured that there is no longer a threat from this deadly disease. He has such a clear and firm agenda and that is why he got the elections postponed. Can anybody say that there will be no threat from corona. Similarly one can’t say as to when the local body elections will be held. All in all Chandrababu is said to be moving ahead with a big plan.

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