TDP claims 130 Assembly seats

The ruling Telugu Desam Party and its supporters are claiming the party’s victory in 130 Assembly seats. The party had entered the poll fray with an ambitious target of 150 plus and called it Mission 150. The TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had conducted an extensive campaign across the State to reach the target. He held series of teleconferences with the party leaders every day before going for campaign. He had brought the national leaders to help him in his electioneering.

The TDP had West Bengal chief minister Mamatha Benerji and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to campaign for him. There was also Jammu and Kashmir former chief minister and National Conference chief Farooq Abdulla campaigning for the TDP in the State. He also started bowing to the people in his election meetings, which was never seen in his four decades of political career. He bent before the people forgetting his age and the position that he is holding.

The TDP chief, finally visited the State Chief Electoral Officer, Gopalakrishna Dwivedi, and threatened him against targeting the TDP by the Election Commission. He opposed the intervention of EC in the transfer of the police officials, particularly Intelligence chief A B Venkateswara Rao. He was upset that the EC had shifted him. He made the chief secretary Anil Chandra Punetha to give GOs withdrawing Intelligence chief’s transfer. But, the EC did not allow it to happen and insisted on his transfer. The EC also shifted the chief secretary for going against its orders, which was a shocker to the TDP chief.

Having tried all sources, the TDP ranks are now blaming the EC for its failure in conducting the elections in the State. They are complaining against the failure of the EVMs at several places and accuse that EVMs have transferred the TDP votes to the YSR Congress. “Even if the voter is pressing the TDP button, the vote is going to the YSR Congress,” was what Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP leaders have said.

Now, blaming the EC for its biased attitude against the TDP, the ruling party is claiming a big win for the party in 130 Assembly seats, down by 20 seats from its Mission 150.

Ram Tatavarthi
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