TDP plans to disrupt Modi’s public meetings

The ruling-Telugu Desam Party is planning to hold protests when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the state this month. The Prime Minister is scheduled to address public meetings in Guntur on February 10 and in Visakhapatnam on February 16. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party sources said that the Visakhapatnam meeting is postponed to February 27 as the Prime Minister is tied-up with some unscheduled foreign visits. The sources further said that the Guntur meeting would be held as per schedule on February 10.

While the BJP ranks are pinning their hopes on Modi’s visit to the State to give counters to the TDP and its supremo Chandrababu Naidu’s campaign against the party and the Prime Minister, the TDP ranks are getting ready to disrupt the Prime Minister’s meetings. The TDP leaders are putting up banners and posters across the State, and all corners of Guntur, protesting against Narendra Modi’s visit to the State. The TDP is holding Modi responsible for the denial of the special category status to the State.

The TDP leaders in their banners and posters have raised questions to the Prime Minister asking him to justify his visit to the State without giving the special category status and without rolling out the benefits from the AP Reorganisation Act. The posters also have allegations of arrogance of the Prime Minister towards Andhra Pradesh and injustice done to the State by denying the bifurcation benefits.

The party leaders and the cadre in the grassroots were told to get ready to hold protests when the Prime Minister visits Guntur. The party had also advised its activists to get into the Prime Minister’s public meeting along with the crowd and show protest banners to disrupt Narendra Modi’s speeches. While it is not known whether this protest from the crowd is possible as the police might take it seriously, the leaders are slowly coming out with protest banners in Guntur town.

Meanwhile, the BJP State leaders have informed the police to prevent the TDP’s plans to disrupt the Prime Minister’s meeting in Guntur and Visakhapatnam. The BJP leaders have already alerted the police on the TDP’s designs and accused Chandrababu Naidu of playing opportunist and unethical politics.

It is to be seen what the TDP will do when Narendra Modi visits the State with special category status demand being the top election slogan this time.

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