TDP rushes to YVB’s rescue

Nara Lokesh

The Telugu Desam Party had rushed to the rescue of its leaders being targeted by the critics. Some of the leaders, who are leaving the party these days are targeting their rivals in the party and citing the rivalry as one of the reasons for the exit. Unfortunately, or strategically, TDP MLC Y V B Rajendra Prasad fell fray to Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan’s criticism.

The TDP MLA, who had resigned to the party and launched a verbal attack on the leadership during a TV live debate. Rajendra Prasad, who is known for his verbal attack on the rivals was on the TDP side in the debate and criticised Vamsi Mohan for quitting the party and criticising the leadership. Vamsi did not mice a word to give a fitting reply besides making personal allegations against the MLC. He said that the MLC had collected money during elections from the TDP MLA candidate from Penamaluru, Bode Prasad, besides making personal remarks on his personality.

Sources say that Rajendra Prasad was upset for the remarks. He felt that the TDP did not come to his rescue when he was personally targeted by Vamsi. Woke up 24 hours later, the TDP had rushed to his rescue. The TDP leadership had sent Bode Prasad to Rajendra Prasad’s residence at Vuyyuru and made him give a statement that he did not give any money to Rajendra Prasad during the elections. There were other leaders who also appeared before the media 24 hours later, and stood by Rajendra Prasad.

Though Vamsi’s personal remarks against Rajendra Prasad were not acceptable, they were very much welcomed by the people as a fitting reply to the MLC, who is known for his personal attack on the rivals on the TV debates. Rajendra Prasad makes fun and fool of his rivals in the debates stooping down to the level of hitting them below the belt. He was considered as one of the loose and loud mouths of the TDP, particularly in the news channel debates.

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