TDP set to lose many leaders in the next couple of weeks

The ruling Telugu Desam Party is set to see exit of several leaders ahead of the next general elections. The State is set to see election code coming in in the next two or three days, with the MLC elections due in March. This notification would follow the notification for the general elections.

Once the notification for the MLC elections is out, several leaders in the TDP are set to exit. The TDP had already lost three sitting MLAs, Meda Mallikharjuna Reddy, Ravela Kishore Babu and Amanchi Krishna Mohan. There are strong rumours doing round that MLA Thota Trimurthulu will switch the side very soon. Anakapalli MP Avanti Srinivas Rao already resigned to the party primary membership today morning.

There are more than a dozen sitting MLAs in the TDP who are looking at the Jana Sena of Pawan Kalyan. This could be for the caste or their friendship with Pawan Kalyan-Chiranjeevi’s family, that several MLAs and MPs are looking at the Jana Sena to strengthen Pawan Kalyan’s hands in the elections.

Several of other leaders are looking towards to the Opposition YSR Congress. Out of the three MLAs who have quit the TDP, two of them have already joined the YSR Congress, while the lone Kishore Babu had joined the Jana Sena. The ruling TDP is having tough time to settle the candidates in the 175 Assembly constituencies and 25 Lok Sabha constituencies as he had encouraged defections from the Opposition parties expecting increase of the Assembly seats to 225. Now, the TDP is over loaded and majority of the sitting MLAs may not get the chance to contest again. It is for this reason, majority of the TDP sitting members are looking for other parties.

The Jana Sena, being new this time, is almost empty with only a handful number of candidates trying for the Assembly seats this time. The Opposition YSR Congress too has some vacancies on its side to accommodate the new aspirants coming from the TDP.

It is to be seen who will jump from the TDP in the next couple of weeks.

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