TDP woos Kanna to deny advantage to YSRCP

Andhra Pradesh’s senior politician and former minister Kanna Lakshminarayana has been in news for last one week. He waited for BJP state president’s post with lot of hopes but after the party refused to give him the post, he got ready to join YSR Congress Party. He even fixed the date for meeting Jagan and joining the party. Meanwhile, some thing happened and he was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure. TDP president Chandrababu Naidu made lot of efforts to prevent Kanna from joining YSRCP and he is still making the efforts.

TDP sources say Chandrababu Naidu is not bothered how much beneficial Kanna will to be to TDP but he wants to ensure that he doesn’t become a plus for YSRCP. That’s why a minister from Guntur district and a former minister are making hectic efforts to persuade Kanna to join TDP. These two reportedly have business partnership with Kanna. There are also reports that Kanna became silent after he received a phone call from Ram Madhav.

While it’s not known what exactly happened but Kanna has come back from hospital and is currently taking rest at home. It is being said that TDP leaders through mediators are making good offers to Kanna. However, it is certain that if Kanna enters TDP it will lead to problems in that party. If Kanna joins TDP, he will have to be given Pedakorapadu seat which he won five times in the past. In such a case, TDP’s sitting MLA Kommalapati Sridhar will be denied the ticket. He has so far elected twice from this constituency.  If he is ignored, his group and another powerful group will work against Kanna.

If Kanna is fielded from Guntur West, which he won in 2009, there are chances that powerful Kamma group will not support him. In the past when Kanna was elected from here and became a minister, he created lot of problems for this community. Kanna has made many enemies in Guntur West. The leaders of Congress party themselves were not happy with him. MP Rayapati is powerful in this constituency. The question is whether they will support Kanna now. Since Pedakorapadu is Rayapati’s own constituency, there his group is in a position to decide the winner and loser.

If Kanna joins YSRCP, his aide Tellu Venkatesh Yadav has also been promised Chirala assembly seat. There are already three groups in TDP in Chirala. That’s why it is difficult for Kanna’s aide to get the ticket. If Kanna decides to contest from Narsaraopet parliamentary seat, the caste equation there is not favourable to him. Unless YSRCP fields another powerful candidate, Kanna is not in a position to win. If this is the kind of problems cropping up in TDP even before Kanna’s entry into TDP, one can imagine the situation if he joins it.

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