Then Chandrababu and now Jagan

Ruling and opposition parties in AP continue to trade allegations over BC reservations in the local body elections. Opposition has alleged that despite knowing that the high court will strike down the increased reservation for BCs, the ruling party went ahead with its vote bank politics. Hitting back at TDP, YSRCP alleged that the opposition has done injustice to BCs by approaching the court. Now this has become the hot topic of discussion in AP. As soon as the high court set aside the GO, the leaders of the two parties began attacking each other. Leaders from Atchan Naidu to Chandrababu and in YSRCP from Botsa Satyanarayana to Jogi Ramesh all are in the forefront in this war.

Both the parties are now fighting over Pratap Reddy who had filed the case in the high court over reservation issue. The TDP says that Pratap Reddy is a YSRCP man while the ruling party says ‘no no he is from your party see his photograph with Chandrababu’. Thus the two parties are going all out against each other. YSRCP is asking if somebody is named Reddy does it mean he is from YSRCP. Leaders like J C Diwakar Reddy and and Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy are from which party, asking the ruling party.

With the bugle for local body elections all set to be sounded, both the parties are giving top priority to vote bank politics. TDP has intensified the attack on YSRCP which devised a strategy to make TDP lose focus on Amaravati and break its backbone. YSRCP is not backing off on this issue. Both the parties are busy heating up the politics with their claims and counter claims. One says it is promoting BCs while the other says we are god to them.

In the past knowing well that high court will say no to reservation for Kapus, Chandrababu announced a separate quota for them and promised to include them in the list BCs. Subsequently, he had to face lot of opposition from Kapus. Despite knowing that it is impossible, TDP made an announcement to appease Kapus but finally it lost their vote bank. Before the elections, it issued a GO setting aside a quota for Kapus in the 10 per cent reservation announced by the Centre for the economically weaker sections among upper castes. Thus the TDP reduced it to a political issue and went back on its promise. Now despite knowing that the court will not permit more than 50 per cent reservation, Jagan government increased the reservation to over 59 per cent in the local body elections. With the court striking down the GO, the ruling party deflected its failure towards the opposition. Analysts said 40 year industry had suffered failure by taking such moves and now Jagan used the same formula and is facing criticism over BC reservation issue.

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