This is too much Babu

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu is chanting Jagan’s name. Chandrababu was a friend of Jagan’s father YSR. However, he did not utter even his name so many times. Even when he was in power for five years, Chandrababu did not criticize YSRCP much. Why Chandrababu is over reacting to Jagan. Earlier when he was in opposition for five years, subsequently when he was chief minister for five years and now again as the leader of opposition Chandrababu is going all out to target Jagan. Jagan appears to be far better in this respect. After his father’s death, Jagan has been in politics for 10 years. He takes every step cautiously. He never bitterly criticizes his rivals. Jagan is not the one to come before media frequently and on minor issues. Earlier as the leader of opposition and now as the chief minister, he criticizes Chandrababu in Assembly or in some meeting but not everywhere. As the leader of opposition, Jagan exposed Chandrababu’s policies. However, he is not like Chandrababu who goes on criticizing him from morning to evening. Jagan merely says people will decide Chandrababu’s horoscope.

Coming to Chandrababu, except claiming the history of his 40-year experience, he never displayed behaviour in tune with this experience. While in power, Chandrababu used to call Jagan and his MLAs as demons and goondas and now in opposition he is calling them maniacs and addressing Jagan as rowdy CM. He is branding Jagan as crazy Tughlaq. Without giving any respect to CM’s post, he calls Jagan anarchist, jail bird and corrupt. It has been only nine months since Jagan assumed office. People are unable to tolerate these abuses. By using outrageous language, Chandrababu is demeaning himself.

Experienced leaders should inspire others for their future. The history should leave sweet memories. Former chief ministers N T Rama Rao, Marri Chennareddy, Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy, Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy and even the Kiran Kumar Reddy and Rosaiah, who served in the recent past, behaved in a manner befitting to the positions they held. Political analysts lament that Chandrababu in the name of criticism is using cheap language.

Chandrababu may be really in pain. He may be jealous for losing power. However, respecting the institutions here is paramount. Posts come and go. The statute does not provide that the CM’s post should always go to Nara family. Now Jagan has become CM. Tomorrow some other will become CM. This is the beauty of democracy.

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