This is why government becoming Chandrababu’s target?

Chandrababu Naidu

This is why Chandrababu is called a political master strategist. When he unseated founder, leader and the main force behind party’s growth, N. T. Rama Rao, he took all precautions to make sure that he faces not even an iota of opposition. The same Chandrababu is now bringing YSRCP government to its knees. By creating confusion and committing mistakes, YSRCP government is easily becoming Chandrababu’s target. As a result of this he is creating an illusion in public that something is going to happen. Since YSRCP is in power, it does not know the anti-establishment feelings among people. However, the less said the better about irresponsible and inexperienced attitude of Jagan’s ministers.

Is AP really needs three state capitals, if yes how should they be. What will be the benefits from this. How will development be possible. All these questions have to be answered by the ruling party. It has to explain to people in simple language to placate them. However, the real purpose is getting lost due to YSRCP ministers’ statements with high-sounding words and insinuations. YSRCP government is saying that decentralization of development is its aim but it is unable to communicate this to the people. Falling into Chandrababu’s trap, they are making counter allegations to his allegations of corruption. The real issue is getting buried in this war of words.

Insider trading has become commonly used term in the state. This is a pure business term. Those in power should ponder whether they should be using this. There can’t be anything more stupid than to say that the capital is being shifted because of insider trading. Wherever development has to be carried out, it has to be on land. In such a case, the benefits of this development have to reach to those living on that land. If they sell their lands, those who buy reap the benefits. This is what happened in the case of Amaravati. This is why people are neither benefiting from this nor they are suffering any loss. However, YSRCP ministers are repeatedly using the term insider trading and one wonders whether the capital can be shifted due to such a small reason.

If development is centralized at one place, it will become another Hyderabad and will lead to kind of problems seen at the time of bifurcations and create difficulties for other regions. If YSRCP ministers say this at least 10 times a day then only the people will respond positively to shifting of the capital. Otherwise people will believe Chandrababu, who has been saying that the capital is being shifted due to political vendetta and that the government is killing a golden goose. That’s why the announcement that the capital will come up in Visakhapatnam has not evoked any response from people in that city. Similarly in Rayalseema, where Jagan has announced setting up High Court, there are no cheers among people. The reason for this is the way those in power are handling the issue.

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