This victory is temporary

For more than a month Chandrababu is roaming around Amaravati with a begging bowl and every day he has no work other than the protest for protection of Amaravati as the capital. Now he has got an opportunity to continue this drama for another three months. By pausing three capitals Bills in Legislative Council, Chandrababu is said to have achieved only a temporary victory. It is believed that in the long-term this will give political advantage to YSRCP. There is a talk that by dragging on this row, Chandrababu will ultimately be confined to Amaravati.

Amaravati should remain as the capital. This is TDP policy. However, this was only till 2019 elections. That’s why the party suffered huge blow in Rayalaseema and North Andhra. In the four districts of Rayalaseema with 52 Assembly seats, TDP got just three seats and this is enough to show how badly the party was hit by Amaravati. On the other hand in North Andhra, TDP won only six out of 34 Assembly seats. This was all because of the capital magic. However, TDP has still not changed and so also Chandrababu. Instead of changing himself as a gentleman, he continued Amaravati campaign.

Coming to Jagan, he has nothing to lose. He can tell people that he tried to develop the backward regions by giving them capitals but TDP through its poisonous politics did not allow him to do it. People will see Chandrababu as the villain. As a result there will be more chances of a negative campaign against the party. It is being said that this is the result of TDP putting everything at stake.

Every political party is free to take a stand. TDP needs Amaravati. There is nothing wrong in it. However, after Bills passed by the highest elected legislative body, Assembly the same should have been taken up for debate in the Council and should have been either passed or rejected. However, it is being said that TDP’s move is bad in referring the Bills to a select committee and keeping the issue in cold storage for three months. These Bills will anyway become legislations but there will be delay. Chandrababu will go down in the history of the two backward regions as a leader responsible for this delay. All in all there is a big debate going on what will be the price Chandrababu may have to pay for playing this gamble by putting even his party at stake.

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