Two old guards drowned Congress

These two have drowned Madhya Pradesh politics. They are senior leaders only for the namesake. Though they had already reached a time where they should have quit politics but due to their greed for posts they have destroyed the party. The senior leaders are Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh. Because of these two, the Congress in Madhya Pradesh is in deep trouble. There is no dearth of seniors in Congress party. They are seen only when the party is in power. Otherwise they won’t even look towards people. They will not work for the party.

When UPA government was in power Kamal Nath served as the union minister. As Congress was not in power in Madhya Pradesh but was in power at the Centre, Kamal Nath camped in Delhi for 10 years. He used to visit Madhya Pradesh some times and took every care to see that he does not lose the grip over the party. Kamal Nath, who is considered as the most trusted of Sonia Gandhi, became chief minister as soon as Congress came to power in Madhya Pradesh. He became the chief minister with the blessings of Sonia.

Digvijay Singh is also the same. Digvijay Singh once ruled Madhya Pradesh. He is said to be the reason for Congress not coming to power for 15 years. He too takes more interest in Delhi politics. He was in Delhi for nearly 15 years. Digvijay Singh undertook padyatra before the elections. He appeared okay to some extent but came to be known as outdated leader. As soon as Congress party came to power in Madhya Pradesh, the two joined hands to sideline Scindia who was till then working for the party. Their writ was running in the portfolios for the ministers. They did not even contact Scindia.

Though Congress high command was mulling to make Jyotiraditya Scindia as Madhya Pradesh PCC chief but these two leaders stopped this. Scindia has been a reluctant leader for last four months. He was making allegations against the party. Still the high command did not care. These two leaders told the Congress leadership there is no need to care for Scindia. As a result the party also kept Scindia away. As a result Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the party. Because of these two leaders the party lost the power.

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